#NYFWMUC LAST Day!!!!: Soft Nudes

FINALLY! The last day of NYFW!!  In the true spirit of NYFW, I decided the last look of the NYFWMUC should utilize the MAC PRO Sculpt Powders.
These powders are varying shades of nudes and natural “shadow” shades.  Nearly every single key artist I know adores this range because it provides the perfect, soft range of contour shades.
I must confess, I own 4 of them, but I rarely use them – it’s not every day that I whip out a contour in a “non-photo shoot” setting.  But when I do, I use them on the eyes as a very soft, natural shadow.
I kept the colour layout simple: dark on the outer corners of the eyes, getting progressively lighter as you got towards the inner corners.

  • MAC Pigment in Gold Mode on the lids
  • MAC PRO Sculpt Powder in Shadowy on the outer to mid-lid (since I’m an Asian Sistah, I ain’t got no crease!)
  • MAC Pigment in Vanilla just on the inner corner of the eyes
  • MAC Technakohl liner in Photogravure on the waterline
  • MAC Studio Fix Mascara (I have to give a Lilash update soon, but needless to say…it’s WORKING!)
  • MAC PRO Shapers in Warm Light on the cheeks (the perfect sheer wash of peach)

Thanks for playing my little #NYFWMUC game with me!! :)  Until next season!!!


#NYFWMUC Day 6: Donna Karan Inspired makeup

One of the best makeups I saw this week was the one Charlotte Tilbury created for Donna Karan Fall/Winter 2010 show.

Her inspiration was Film Noir: so she created a very waxy looking skin, a navy/grey eye.  But for the lips, she was inspired by a bowl of cherries; all the beautiful, rich reds that cherries have, but also with hints of deeper blacks and burgundies.

She created her Donna Karan lip by using a combo of MAC Cherry Lip Pencil, Ruby Woo Lipstick and Crimson Lipmix.  Then, right before the girls went out to the runway, she was going to add MAC Clear Lipglass on top.
ME: I don’t have time for all that.  So here’s what I used this morning:

  • MAC Pigment in Steel Blue washed over the eyes
  • no liner
  • Studio Fix Lash in Black Fix
  • MSF in By Candlelight on the Cheeks
  • Cremestick Liner in Red Enriched
  • Lip Varnish (remember THAT one?!) in Warning! — this is one of my fave “oldie but goody”.  This gives a beautiful lacquered look to your lips, nice rich pigment, as well as staying power!:)

#NYFWMUC Day 5: Pink Eyes (not the gross kind)

Pinks & reds have always been eyeshadow shades that I shy away from.  Unfortunately, the word “Geisha” comes to mind.
But while I was working backstage for Ruffian the other day, I noticed an Asian sistah rocking a very matte, magenta eye, and I thought I’d give it a whirl.

  • the Usual on the face: Studio Sculpt NC30

  • MAC Eyeshadow in Passionate on the outer half of the eye
  • MAC Style Black Mineralize Eyeshadow in Cinderfella from the inner to mid-eye
  • MAC Powerpoint Pencil in Engraved

#NYFWMUC Day 5: Dark Lippee, MAC lipstick in Sin!

What would fashion week be without a dark, rich lip colour?
After seeing a lot of bold lips backstage, I decided to dig through my makeup bag this morning to see what I had. I pulled out ALL my dark colours: Film Noir, Cyber, Diva and Sin. I chose Sin because it just spoke to me — it’s a really darkened, rich burgundy red. AND (most importantly), it was a matte finish.
In my experience, matte texture finishes tend to hold up really well — they don’t budge! Which, when you’re running around all day without much mirror time, is JUST what you want.:)
The key to a dark lip is a perfectly LINED lip! Luckily MAC Cremestick Liner in Velvetella seems like it was made to be used with Sin Lipstick!

Kept the eyes pretty minimal: just Nylon shadow on the lid, Powerpoint Pencil in Engraved on the waterline. No blush (bc admittedly, I forgot!)
Happy Day 5!!:)

#NYFWMUC Day 4: Greasepaint Stick…caliente!!

I’ve admittedly always had issues using the Greasepaint stick. The reason: I like a RICH, pigmented color payoff, that I’m used to getting by layering the product on itself. You can’t really do that with the Greasepaint stick. So I was always confused.
I definitely wanted to do a more graphic eye, but sometimes I’m not great a free-handing it.  So I pulled out my trusty MAC Penultimate Liner, and I drew the outline of the shape I wanted.
For me, when I want to do this shape, I normally draw a line straight from the outer point of my eye, then extend it on either side…hard to describe, but here’s what it looks like below:

But this morning, I had a brainchild! Heat it up, baby!
I took a lighter and heated up the tip of the greasepaint, but only for a second. Waited a bit until it cooled before gliding it across the eyes. The heat seemed to soften it, and make the color go on even more rich and black.
Afterwards, I took a Q-tip, and smudged the product deep into the skin and winged it out.

Happy to report the look lasted all day!!:)

#NYFWMUC Day 3: Lady Danger!

It wouldn’t be a NYFW without Lady Danger Lipstick! I first got hip to this phenomenal shade a few years ago, when MAC Director of Makeup Artistry, Gregory Arlt used it as the lip at the Twinkle runway show.  Since then, it’s become a staple in my makeup bag.  I never NOT have it on me!

  • MAC Studio Sculpt NC30
  • MAC Powerpoint Pencil on lower water line in Engraved
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in By Candlelight
  • MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger

FW’10 #NYFWMUC Day 2: Viva Glam Gaga!!

I’ve never been one for light lipstick shades.  I naturally have a pretty good amount of pigment on my lip naturally, so I never felt comfortable lightening it.
But after seeing Lady Gaga rock her new Viva Glam Lipstick shade ALL day (AND, she wore it at the Grammy Awards!), I felt inspired to give it a try.
So this morning, I went for a “pastel” look. I tried to keep everything soft so I could match the tone of the lipstick:

  • MAC Strobe Cream as a base with Studio Sculpt NC 30 on top\

  • MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre: my ultimate cream eyeshadow shade.  A non-pearly, creamy cream shade.  I use it as a base on the eyelid to anchor Pigments & Shadows
  • MAC PRO Reflects Gold Pigment patted on the lid
  • MAC Liquidlast Eyeliner in Point Black on the lower lashline only

  • LIPS: MAC Viva Glam Gaga!! It’s nice and sheer for buildable color, great satin finish without being too drying.  I was pleasantly surprised!