Organic Avenue Love Deep Cleanse: Day 2

day 2 of my 5-day Organic Avenue Love Deep Cleanse.  all juices, no solid foods.

mood:  cautious. it was a monday, so the first day i truly needed to be an active member of society. also, it was the first day of my 2-day conference on learning to “lead with presence”.  scary on more than one level.

activity level:  full day of a leadership conference + a yoga class at night.  i have to admit, there were moments during my yoga class where i was feeling light-headed.  maybe after 2 days of fewer calories, i didn’t have enough to push through a really challenging yoga class.

The Menu: total calorie count (minus the Coconut Mylk) = 715 calories.  i figure the max the Coconut Mylk could be is around 700…if so, we’re talking about 1400 calories.

  • CHLOROPHYLL SHOT (0 calories)
  • COCONUT WATER (86 calories)
  • PEAR JUICE (209 calories):  one of my favorite juices, probably because it’s so sweet and palatable.  but absolutely delicious.  apparently pear is a hypo-allergenic fruit that is high in fiber but less likely to produce adverse reactions
  • MASTER TONIC (108 calories): the very typical idea of a “cleanse” with the cayenne pepper.  not as sweet but very delicious nonetheless
  • VEGGIE VIBE (146 calories): my absolute favorite “good for you juice”. it doesn’t taste (or look) that green, and it’s quite delicious!
  • GREEN LOVE (166 calories):  my 2nd favorite “good for you juice”. while it’s definitely green, i think the lemon and parley cuts through it a little
  • COCONUT MYLK (Org Ave won’t really tell me how many calories are in this, which leads me to believe that it’s really high — also not listed on their website. very suspicious…):  it literally tastes like you’re eating a coconut. delicious!

the verdict:  by the end of day 2, i had a bit of a lull in energy — especially after the yoga class.  but was hoping that it was the worst of it!

RESET, renew, re-commit: Organic Avenue Cleanse, take 2

Can’t hardly believe how quickly this year has gone by – it’s April, people!

So far this year: new job, new faith, new stress levels, new challenges…which means I have been drowning my sorrows in food.  (ain’t nothing quite like eating your feelings)

It’s not that I’ve fallen completely off the vegan wagon, but definitely have deviated from being raw.  So I’ve decided it’s time to press the RESET button on my life, and recommit myself to a lifestyle that makes me feel energized, refreshed, clear-headed and ALIVE.

Thus: Organic Avenue, Love Fast Cleanse – Take 2.

Unfortunately, the demons I have to overcome this time around are a bit more formidable:

  • Caffeine (up to 3 cups a day – scurred)
  • Refined sugar (I like my coffee to taste like Haagen Daz Coffee Ice Cream)
  • Salt (YUM)
  • Some cooked foods (nothing crazy, but have been eating steamed/sautéed veggies here & there)
  • Liquor (you name it, I’ve been drinking it)

Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to what Day 1 has in store.  I think it will probably be best for everyone’s general safety if they kept their distance.  But looking forward to feeling fab on the other side.  Pray for me!!!


Blueprint Cleanse: Final Thoughts

I survived my Blueprint Cleanse.  Unfortunately, instead of being 6 days, I had to cut it down to 5, due to a work event.  But I still feel proud to have made it that far.
A few of the undeniable benefits of my Blueprint Cleanse:

  • Mental Clarity: the fuzzy haze that has become a permanent state of being for me, magically lifted during my cleanse! I felt clear-headed and lucid all the time.
  • Weight “Slimming”:  I say “slimming” rather than “loss” because I think there’s a distinction.  I feel like all the “excess” bloating and flab that hugged my body like a security blanket.  I felt lighter, more lithe.
  • PRODUCTIVE: I felt motivated and was extremely productive during my days of the cleanse.  The energy I would normally spend thinking/obsessing about food, was freed up to spend on producing results & work.
  • Better Sleep: While I was on the cleanse, I noticed I fell asleep more easily, slept more soundly and felt more energized when I woke up every morning.

It was fantastic.
Unfortunately my biggest mistake on the cleanse:

While the BPCleanse says it’s OK for you to exercise during a cleanse, I think calorie demands of Bikram Yoga are a little too rigorous for what the Blueprint Cleanse offers on a daily basis.
By the week’s end, I had the HARDEST time during my Bikram classes (no energy, dizzy).  Next time, if I do a @bpcleanse, I think I’ll either have to do it during vacation from work, or not practice yoga during the cleanse.
One of my yoga teachers shared a very interesting thought with me:

Traditionally, people did fasts/cleanses for meditation purposes.  The idea was to withdraw from one of your senses — the sense of taste — and allow your body to focus and heighten the other senses (also allowing your digestive system to take a rest).
For an optimal fasting experience, she suggested to do it during a vacation, when I could have the time to devote to the spiritual benefits of a cleanse: spending time communing with nature, focusing on how the cleanse was making your mind, body & spirit feel.

What she said really spoke to me, and I think I’ll do that next time.
Overall, it was an incredible experience — one that I would absolutely do again in a heartbeat!
In fact, it has made me seriously re-evaluate my eating habits and I’m currently doing some research about a major dietary overhaul.  Details to come!

BP Cleanse Diaries, Day 3: how I cheated with a banana.

Blueprint Cleanse, Day 3.  Level 2 (Foundation)
Each day does indeed get better.  Day 3: I woke up feeling super light and clear-headed, but at the same time, a little weak.  Again, I think it’s the combo of the Bikram + BP Cleanse that leaves me wanting more calories.
After guzzling my 1st Green Juice of the day, I realized that each Green Juice is slightly different than the others:

  • Green Lemon (Juice #1):  The 1st Green Juice on Level 2.  It’s by far my favorite, but I can’t tell whether it’s because it’s the 1st juice, or if it’s the Lemon that makes it remarkably fresh.

  • Green Apple (Juice #3):  Moderate.  Not my favorite, but not as bad as the next one.

  • Green Parsley (Juice #5):  For some reason, this is the hardest one for me to get down.  Again, don’t know if it’s because it’s the last Green Juice…or if it’s because it’s “parsley”. But it’s VERY challenging.

Naturally, all the non-Green Juices are DELICIOUS!!!  I would actually drink each of them independently of the Cleanse:

  • Pineapple Apple Mint (Juice #2):  YUM. Light, refreshing…if I could add vodka to it, then it would make the perfect summer Pineapple Mojito cocktail!

  • Tart and Spicy Lemonade (Juice #4):  SO yum.  Kinda tastes like a fancy, spicy, watered-down lemonade.

my FAVE!!

  • Cashew Nut Milk with Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon, and a touch of Agave Nectar (Juice #6): Clearly, this is the “dessert” drink.  It’s the most substantial of the 6 juices, and it’s a little grainy from the cashew nuts (a welcome chewing experience!).  It’s funny to think that such a beverage could taste so decadent, but it DOES.  I look forward to this drink every night.

At the end of Day 3, I decided I needed a break from Bikram.  Good thing I did: I was super weak and tired.  It’s a weird thing: to feel so clear-headed, but so weak.
I felt so weak, in fact that……GASP! — I cheated.  I had a banana.  (shame) But I think it was just what I needed to neutralize and feel better.
May the Blueprint Gods have mercy on my soul!!!
On to Day 4…with an upgrade to Level 3!  (FOUR green juices a day!)

BP Cleanse Diaries: the solution to my salt craving…SALT.

It’s no secret that I’ve been craving salty things while on my Blueprint Cleanse.  Most of the juices are on the sweet side.  Unfortunately for me:

  • I’m a salty person to begin with
  • I do Bikram yoga, which means I sweat a LOT, thus losing a lot of salt and electrolytes during every class

During my first few days, the situation was dire.  I even sunk so low that I was picking off the salt on pretzel rods.  Not cute.😦
Today, I finally wised up and brought something to work with me:
←salt salvation in a bottle!
Just had a handful of salt grains…and I feel SO much better!!  :)
The BP Cleanse actually suggests to add some Sea Salt to any of the juices if needed.
It’s incredible: sometimes what the body craves, is exactly what the body needs.
THOUGHT:  Maybe this cleanse cuts out all the CRAP that we normally consume every day.  Maybe it allows the body to be still, tranquil, and QUIET  enough so that we can HEAR it telling us what it needs.

BP Cleanse Diaries: Day 2 — never thought I’d say this…but more calories, please!

Day 2 of the Blueprint Cleanse, Level 2 (Foundation)
Woke up in the morning feeling energized, rested and refreshed.  Had to head to the Self Beauty Awards at A Voce, swanky Italian restaurant in the Time Warner Building, to face my first TEST of the day: CRISPY ITALIAN BACON and EGGS.

Fortunately, I was strong and I only had a cup of chamomile tea, and my 1st Green Juice.  I passed the test.
Day 2 was MUCH more manageable than Day 1.  I’m realizing that a fast is very similar to your first Bikram yoga experience: when you’re first encountered with difficulties or challenges…it’s very common to FLAIL.  To fidget, to fuss, to huff & puff.  Essentially, that was Day 1 for me.
But as you grow accustomed to the state of things, and accept that this is the journey you have chosen for yourself, your body and mind become more at peace.  That’s what Day 2 is for me.  I feel like I’m on acid or something: colors are brighter, sounds are clearer, my mind is more sharp and focused.  It’s remarkable.
Day 2 downsides:

  • Hungry.  For some reason, I was hungrier than yesterday.  Maybe it’s the Bikram Class from the night before.  But even though I’m hungry, I’m not weak — I still feel energized.
  • Still craving salt!!

It was also Day 2 of practicing Bikram on Day 2 of my BP Cleanse.  Unfortunately, I noticed that I had a LOT less energy in class.  Maybe it’s because I was tired, but I think it’s purely because of Calorie Mathematics:

  • A single Bikram class can burn up to 800 calories.
  • The calorie intake of a Level 2 BP Cleanse is only 1100 calories per day.

Usually when you practice Bikram regularly, you notice an increase in your calorie intake.  So even though the BP Cleanse is giving me clarity…I think because I practice Bikram, I can afford a few more calories to help me make it through class.
On to Day 3!!  :)