Meet the new Nail Art Studio in town! – introducing Studio L!

the nail art craze isn’t going anywhere. i should know…i used to be an addict for a solid year (in my younger days).

in the early years of nail art in NYC, there were two very formidable places: Sakura & Marie Nails. but, as all things do — the city & the scene have both evolved. now there are a bevy of places & players from which to choose.

since i didn’t know any of the technicians at Sakura anymore, and you have to book weeks in advance to get something at Marie Nails, I asked my friend & Nail Art Junkie Keri Blair for suggestions….and so i booked an appointment at Studio L.

Studio L is a small nail art salon, tucked away on the 16th floor of a commercial building in the garment district.  it’s owned by Manami, who happened to be one of my all-time favorite nail stylists from the Sakura glory days. she is one of the most talented as far as flat art design, creativity and technical skill.

Studio L is relatively small: they only have 4 mani stations and two pedicure stations. but it’s nice that it’s not a storefront — you’re removed from the hustle & bustle of the street.  they are equipped with all the latest nail art magazines, as well as a bevy of shades — including NEON ones!

my first visit was this past Sunday — post to follow.  but here’s their info (and some nail art designs to tie you over):


247 West 38th Street (between 7th & 8th Ave), 16th Floor

(646) 499-5357,

Spirit Beauty Lounge – my go-to, one-stop natural beauty shop

i guess you can say i’m someone who’s pretty invested in wellness, what…with a high-raw addiction and slight obsession with yoga.  but once you start down this path, you realize that wellness is not just a health choice — it’s a lifestyle.

being a beauty junkie, it’s often hard to find cosmetics that fall under an organic or “wellness” category without doing some serious heavy researching.  (even the “green” products identified at Sephora aren’t as natural as they could be. they still have preservatives, etc).

enter — an exclusively online boutique that specializes in natural beauty products.  EVERYTHING they carry is pre-selected to meet their natural product requirements.  per their website:

Reading labels and memorizing an ever growing list of ingredients to avoid can be overwhelming. On top of that, you may never know whether or not even “organic” products are ethically sourced or whether or not their packaging is eco-friendly. Spirit Beauty Lounge is a place where you can shop safe, knowing we’ve done the research for you! All of our organic and sustainable products come from companies who have clearly defined humane, ethical, and environmental policies ensuring the care of our planet and its inhabitants!

also, for all you NYC residents, i believe they’re located in Brooklyn, so when i order on their site, it literally arrives the next day, very lovingly packaged.

they also nearly always include samples of new things, so naturally a gal keeps coming back for more!

have had nothing but lovely experiences with them now for over a year! definitely a wonderful destination for all of us who care about what goes ON our bodies as much as what we put IN them!