Susan Powers’ Spicy Veggie Stir Fry — HOLY AMAZING.

i’ve been fortunate enough to have been connected to Susan Powers through a mutual Twitter friend, @oldergirlbeauty.  i’m so so grateful to have her in my life.
her website RAWMAZING.COM is filled with unbelievably delicious recipes, but what makes them even more amazing — her incredible photography.  let’s face it, food is a very sensorial experience.  it’s one thing to read a recipe, but it’s even better to see how it LOOKS.
i’ve been eye-ing this recipe for weeks, and i don’t know why it took me so long to make it — it was SO easy.
Susan Powers’ Spicy Veggie Stir Fry Recipe –> click here for the beautiful post!

  • no dehydrating! you can literally prepare and eat! (perfect for fixing a quick meal)
  • it’s SO savory. the sauce is full of flavor from the sun-dried tomato and curry powder
  • healthy…and RAW!

i took ONE small creative liscense with this recipe: i added a touch of toasted sesame oil.  not raw, but i subscribe to the Ani Phyo school of thought with sesame oil: i literally use a DROP of it, and the flavor pay-off is out of this world.  (it’s also hard for me to give that up, since it’s a flavor i remember from my childhood)
if served as a main dish, i think this feeds 2 very hungry people.  i’m having 1/2 for lunch, saving the other half for either dinner or tomorrow’s lunch.  i’m sure it will be even MORE delicious later on, after the veggies have marinated in the sauce for a few hours!!
Here is my attempt to re-create this genius recipe.  (Susan, i hope i did you proud!)
getting ready to get saucy
full-on saucy!

mixin the fixins…

look how much food you get!

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