Simple Glitter Gradation (and 2 other Calgel discoveries!)

In preparation for my album cover photo shoot, I had to be strategic about my nails.  But because the direction of the shoot was so ornate & edgy, I wanted to keep my nails rather simple this time around (rather than go over the top with too much).
So I decided on a simple Glitter Gradation at Marie Nails.  I asked Sayo to mix a combination of #31 & #32 glitters.

She mixed it with Clear Calgel, but instead of making a more liquid consistency, she made it very pasty & chunky/”dry”.

When I asked her why, she said it was so that she could have more control over the glitter coverage, so that it would be really saturated at the tip of the nail, and she could thin it out towards the middle.  (interesting)
For a rather “simple” design, I had TWO very interesting discoveries:

1)  SUPER Clear Calgel.  “Wait — what is this?” you may ask yourself….apparently exactly what it says it is!  Sayo used it as my “top coat” of clear.  The result was extra shininess!

2) A Permashine Gelacquer Top Coat:  Instead of the usual nail polish top coat, Sayo whipped out this new bottle.  She explained it was a gel topcoat that added more protection.  This was applied after my “Super Clear” Calgel.
The result?  SUPER shininess all around!

Total price:  $40

NY SOHO store
155 prince street
New York NY 10012
(Between West Broadway and Thompson Street)

5 thoughts on “Simple Glitter Gradation (and 2 other Calgel discoveries!)

  1. Interesting to learn these two new things. I’m planning my next nail design and I’m thinking about glitter graduation with rhinestones. Good to know these things.

  2. Hey they used the regualr top coat on my nails. Hmm.. Was this extra? Did Sayo have french? I like the point french..

  3. Hey Mona!
    I literally just went on Saturday, so this may be a really new thing they did (because in the past, they used regular top coat on me too!). I don’t think it cost me extra, though! (and yes, Sayo had the pointed acryllic French on her left hand!)

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