Marbled White Matte Nail Design, @ Marie Nails NYC

Saturday, I ventured back down to Marie Nails for the 2nd time.  Some quick observations from my last visit:

  • Despite the fact that Marie Nails didn’t have Biogel available for a base, my nails held up pretty well.
  • I only had slight lifting on one nail (my thumb)

As far as design, I didn’t know what I wanted, but I knew I wanted white.  It’s hard for me to commit to a color on my nails, so for winter it’s usually black…but maybe for summer, it’ll be white!  I thought “maybe I’ll go simple this time” (yeah right!).
I remembered this design from my last visit.  It was one of Sayo’s original creations:

So we went with it!
But first we had to remove my old set. **Reminder: Removal is FREE at Marie Nails, provided you got them done there.  Before wrapping my nails in the Calaway foils, Sayo used this machine to file the top layer of the nails off first:
Afterwards, she put 1 layer of clear Calgel as a base, followed by a “Pearl” Calgel:
Then she pulled out the “Ice” Calgel and the Matte White Calgel.  She applied the Ice first, in order to provide a more stark contrast for the Matte White:

Then, came the fun part!   Sayo basically “blobbed” a few spots of Matte White Calgel on the nail…then proceeded to “swirl” them with her brush:

COOL, right?!
Then we added the Turquoise stones, mini gold beads and gems on the ring fingers & thumbs.

We decided against doing gold glitter outline, and just keep it simple.  Here’s the final look:

Couldn’t be happier! It was exactly what I wanted: white, clean, simple…but not really!
Here’s the most incredible thing:  TOTAL TIME = 1½ hours. That’s for everything: removal, new set AND design.
COST:  $55 for the Calgel & design + $14 for the rhinestones & acoutrements = $69 TOTAL.
I have been meaning to go back to Sakura to visit my girls there, but I’m really happy with the fact that it is cheaper (I mean, removal is FREE), and also THRILLED with the fact that Sayo is lightning fast.  Time is the most valuable commodity of all, and if I can get in & out in only 1½ hours…then that is Visa Card Priceless.

Marie Nails NYC – Soho
155 Prince Street (between W. Broadway & Thompson)

14 thoughts on “Marbled White Matte Nail Design, @ Marie Nails NYC

  1. I like this design for summer. Actually looks better without the gold lining. Sayo uses the electric filer. Nice~ It takes forever to remove the gel with acetone alone. Pretty fast and cheap! I like it already~

  2. thanks ladies! And thanks, Mona for that info about the filer…she just filed the top off before soaking it with the Calaway!:)

  3. I had an appointment for calgel today and Sayo is awesome(and super cute)! She was speedy gonzalez fast but so precise and neat at the same time, so thumbs up for that. She asked me how I found out about it and I told her from your blog, and apparently one of your friends was there because she was like “Was it from SeoulDiva? Thats my friend!” I thought that was funny…but I really appreciate your informative reviews, photos, and the comparisons you make between the salons, so keep it up! =)

  4. Hey Sara! OMG so cool!! So glad to hear you had a good experience there! Sayo’s great, and i love that she has a point of view & opinion. Do you have a pix of your design that you’d want to share??:) I love seeing everyone’s designs!
    Xx, HP
    Sent from my iPhone.

  5. I got a turquoise color thats basically the same as O.P.I Ocean Love Potion (one of my fav nail colors) and I added silver glitter/holograms on the ring fingers. I kept it simple because even though I saw some sick designs, I didn’t get paid yet and those designs add up, so yeah next time!

  6. So I went back to Marie after 3 weeks and had minimal lifting with the calgel and I went simple this time because I’m going to Vegas in 3 weeks and well want to go all out for that. Deep reverse french in hot pink with a gold trim to separate the pink from the clear. I was out in under an hour!

  7. Hey El!!
    So this is visit #3 for you, right? :) How do you like the experience? I will definitely say that Sayo is super duper fast. And I firmly believe that time is money!!:) Do you want to send a pic of your design?:)

  8. ladies did u all go to Sayo @ Marie?
    I have appt for tomorrow but Sayo is not available.. I want someone who is precise and perfectionist…

  9. Hey Mona!
    I’ve been to Marie’s twice, and both times have been with Sayo. The other gal who seems good is Nao, but I’ve not had her personally!

  10. […] nail designs that you can do with Calgel. I’ve secretly been nail stocking Heather Park of Seoul Diva and her elaborate nail […]

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