GRUB: Colicchio & Sons Brunch — please pack your knives and go.

GRUB 411:

  • Colicchio & Sons: 85 10th Avenue (btwn 15th & 16th); (212) 400-6699
  • TYPE: Modern American
  • PRICE: $$
  • QUICKVIEW: The inaugural brunch left much to be desired — nothing was quite right, from odd sausage seasoning to lackluster bloody marys. Hopefully this was opening jitters, and they get their brunch game up.

FULL REVIEW: I read on UrbanDaddy that Colicchio & Sons was gonna foray into the NYC Weekend Brunch Game.  My homeboys at Immaculate Infatuation had already given Tommy’s new restaurant a sub-mediocre review, so I was curious how they would handle brunch.
I’m usually fan of Tom’s hearty, savory meals (à la Craftbar), so I was hoping Colicchio & Sons would surprise me with Brunch.  Unfortunately for Tommy Boy, the Immaculate Infatution boys were spot on with their review.
My hope is that it was opening Brunch jitters.  My friend & I went on the inaugural brunch, but absolutely nothing  we tried was 100%.  Textures were off, as was seasoning…and freshness.  Hopefully, with more calibration, they’ll get their rhythm and tighten it up, or maybe it just doesn’t resonate my palate.
Here is a peek at their very short brunch offering:

Here’s a plate-by-plate of the meal:

  • Biscuits: These were complimentary. Unfortunately, they tasted like they were baked the night before.  They were a bit dry. Given how small these biscuits were, it honestly wouldn’t have taken too much time to bake them up fresh.  The marmalade was a nice touch, but too little too late, my friend. SEOULDIVA SAYS: ♥ /

  • BLOODY MARY: What’s a brunch without a bloody mary? My friend and I both requested them “extra spicy”.  Unfortunately, we were left scratching our heads when we got them.  After some quick food forensics, we figured out the cause of death: too much horseradish, not enough Worcestershire sauce or tabasco.  The only good part was that it was nice Vodka. SEOULDIVA SAYS: ♥ /

  • RICOTTA ROOT VEGETABLE FRITTATA, with truffle honey and arugula. Let’s face it: the root vegetables + arugula combo = a more “bitter” food flavor profile.  Initially this tasted a little bland, but the Ricotta cheese off-set the other flavors.  The arugula on top was a nice touch, but this was a very mild-mannered, polite dish.  Nothing outspoken about it. SEOULDIVA SAYS: ♥ /

  • BAKED EGGS WITH MUSHROOM RAGOUT AND CRISPY HAM. Please note: THE CRISPY HAM WAS MISSING.  (Honestly, I didn’t even notice it was missing from my dish until we were leaving, and I saw someone else’s dish with these delectable-looking crisps of ham.)  The dish was OK. The one thing I WILL say: the eggs were very thoughtfully cooked – most egg dishes served in skillets skew to the “overcooked” side, but these were perfectly done.  Unfortunately, I don’t think they gave the same consideration to the mushroom ragout: it was a little dried out and salty — tasted like it was a little over-reduced with the additional heat from the skillet. SEOULDIVA SAYS: ♥ /

  • PORK SAUSAGE PATTIES. There’s no way NOT to try sausage, whenever it’s on a menu.  I had high hopes.  It is Colicchio, after all.  But when it said “pork”, I didn’t realize there was going to be a Fennel Seed Festival in my mouth.  I get it — fennel seeds go w/ pork.  But WAY too much Fennel happening in those patties.  #porkfail. SEOULDIVA SAYS: ♥ /

  • CHEDDAR GRITS. I would like to rename this dish: Cheddar Gruel.  Maybe it’s a grit-preference thing, but the texture of this dish was like something out of a Dickens novel.  NO granularity — just mush.  And to top it off, hardly ANY flavor…just creaminess. SEOULDIVA SAYS: Ο /

10 thoughts on “GRUB: Colicchio & Sons Brunch — please pack your knives and go.

  1. OUCH! Burn baby burn….now I know I was supposed to be there with you Heather, but is it wrong to say I’m happy I couldnt make it this one time? LOL.
    If you say no, and Immaculate says no….then I’m never gonna waste my $.
    On to the next…. ; )

  2. Hey Mona!
    OMG I liked Craftbar too! My friends at Immaculate Infatuation also didn’t like their dinner…😦 I was hoping I could prove them wrong with brunch.

  3. I really don’t see how anyone can take a sip of Bloody Mary and like it… or maybe it was just the place I order it last time. It tasted nasty. All the food looks horrible.

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