Nail Bling for #NYFW

With NYFW approaching, I HAD to get my nails did so it would last me the week.  With my recently acquired rhinestones from the Garment District, I was ready to go!
Went to Sakura to see Yukari, and told her I wanted to do a rhinestone gradation using black, grey and clear stones.
But what I love about Yukari, is that she is so creative and artistic – she ended up doing her own interpretation of the design.
After a base coat of clear Calgel, she laid down the “adhesive” layer and then went to work with designing the stones.  Instead of a gradation, she chose a more “random” arrangement, and I LOVED how it came out:

  • IMG_1258

We kept the ring finger “blank” – Yukari and I thought that we could do something different for the ring finger on each hand, so it wouldn’t be so monotonously blinged.  She painted the base black, and then started doing something magical with all this loose silver glitter:
IMG_1260 IMG_1259
Yukari applied an extra thick coat of clear Calgel on top, to seal in all the rhinestones and make sure they didn’t pop off.  Here’s the finished look:
Don’t forget to take advantage of the SEOULDIVA discount at Sakura during NYFW!  20% off when you mention “SeoulDiva” at checkout, from September 4th – 20th!

Sakura – Upper East Side
1709 Second Avenue (btwn 88th & 89th)

15 thoughts on “Nail Bling for #NYFW

  1. Hi Heather! I just started following you on Twitter. I saw you at Sakura on Friday afternoon but you were engaged in a convo with your two girlfriends and I didnt want to interupt. I LOVEEEE your blog! I came across it from googling Sakura to find out more information about it. You really inspired me even more to go and I went for the 1st time 2 weeks ago to get a calgel manicure and friday I was getting a calgel pedicure while you were there. Keep me inspired & thanks for the 20% off!

  2. OMG you should TOTALLY have said hi!!!:) Would have loved to meet you in person! Thank you so much for the wonderful comment – I read it after having a really terrible morning, and you COMPLETELY made my day! :) Hope I get to meet you soon!!

  3. Hey soul, do mind if I borrow this style as my intro to Calgel? Getting my nails done this weekend and I am sooooo amped! Happy Bday to me: V I R G O S!

  4. Bummed that I missed out on the discount for I discovered your blog at almost 10pm today. Kind of obssessed with the whole calgel bling tastic ness and loved your latest nails.Also loving your blog in general.XO

  5. oh NO!!! I’m so sorry you missed the discount! But I’m sure that they’ll do another one for the next fashion week!:) Let me know if you get them done! xxoxo

  6. hey Heather, I have a question. What did Sakura charge you to put on your own rhinestones? When I had gone to get a new set a week ago, I asked and was told its 2-3 dollars per finger. However today, a friend of mine called and they told her 25 cents for small & 50 cents for large. I don’t see why they would still charge per rhinestone if you bring your own.

  7. Hey girl. I think I ended up paying $44 (or thereabouts), but I also had a Gift Certificate involved. I think the reason why they still charge is because of the designing and labor that goes into it…but I honestly am not sure what the policy is for pricing. I can definitely ask the manager the next time I’m there though! It’s DEF cheaper to bring your own – especially if you’re planning to use excessive rhinestones.

  8. Yeah, i am. I honestly don’t mind putting out the cash because i absolutely LOVE them but I was hoping to save a pretty penny with buying my own. My next appt is Oct 6th to get studded out for my trip to Miami so I guess ill surely find out then. Thanks for your help girl!

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