It is upon us once again!  New York Fashion Week! September 10th – 17th.
I’ve survived 8 seasons of Fashion Week in my professional career.  I joke every season, that I’m not sure how many more I can live through!  But no one does Fashion Week like MAC Cosmetics.
Each season, MAC provides artistry support for over 175 shows between New York, London, Milan and Paris.  New York is the city I work, and that in & of itself is 86 shows!!
Working for such a creative cosmetics brand, and being behind the scenes among such amazing fashionistas and makeup artists, I definitely feel the pressure to step up my makeup game.
For the past few seasons, I’ve given myself a little makeup challenge for NYFW:


DA ONLY RULE: Do a different makeup look for each day.  You can repeat products, but can’t repeat looks.
It’s easy to get into a makeup rut, where you do the same look every day – especially when you are exhausted from running around for NYFW.
A lil’ NYFW Makeup Challenge is just a little fun thing I do to keep me on my toes, and get my creative juices flowing…at least once a day.
0910-heather-park_bdOne of my makeup looks from September 2009 NYFW. As featured on Glamour.com!
It sounds easy, but it’s actually harder than you think!  I mentioned this challenge to Mz Conley from StyleItOnline.com, and SHE is GAME!!
c5367a92e1db1175e54a9862c620a96c_906766 ←Mz. Conley!
Are there any other makeup junkies coming for NYFW who are willing to join us?? :)
For anyone interested in partaking, I’ll be taking daily Twitpics with #NYFWMUC as a tag (New York Fashion Week Makeup Challenge)!  :)
See you Backstage!!

9 thoughts on “NY FASHION WEEK MAKEUP CHALLENGE! – Who’s with me?!

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