GRUB: Myung San – Korean Cooking, done Country!

Even though my mom cooks classic French for her business, we always ate Korean food at home.  ALWAYS.  The same applies when we eat out – occasionally, we’ll have the random Italian or Thai, but usually it’s always Korean.
My dad seems to know all these random places in Queens from meeting his buddies.  One Sunday, he took us to this place called Myung San, right by the LIRR Broadway station.
This is a lil hole in the wall place, that looks like every other Korean restaurant in Flushing.  But this time, we were surprised!  The restaurant was very “country style” cooking.
All the banchan was delicious & fresh.  It tasted like they actually MADE them there.
The “specials” on the wall.  FOR MORE MENU OPTIONS, CLICK HERE!
My mom is always the odd man out when we go to eat, because my Dad & I are such Carnivores.  She’s very much a veggies & fish gal, so she ordered the “ssam”:  a platter of fresh greens and leaves + fresh, warm fermented bean paste + a dish of sauteed pork:
My dad ordered Lamb braised with Perilla leaves and spices:
Me, I felt like Kimchi & Pork, so I ordered a Kimchi Jungol (with plans to take home the extra!!):
The food was DELICIOUS!!  The mandoo in the Jungol was freshly made.  The food was tasty, not too salty, and flavorful.
I also appreciated the fact that they didn’t use a lot of MSG.  These days, most Korean restaurants use SO much MSG, which messes with a homegirl’s stomach.  So when you find a restaurant that does it right and does it well, then it’s a treasure.
So, here’s just a little light shed on ONE of the HUNDREDS of Korean Restaurants in Flushing!! :)

Myung San Restaurant
162-21 Depot Rd
Flushing, NY, 11358
(718) 888-1245

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