Adventures in EYELASH PERMING!

This was about 3 months late, but FINALLY – on Saturday, I had my adventure with Elaine! We went to Chinatown to get our eyelashes permed. I took obscene amounts of pictures with my new iPhone, so here’s a pictorial of our beauty expedition!

This is the little Beauty Salon at the back of the Elizabeth Street Centre (Elizabeth Street, just South of Canal Street in NYC). When you walk into the building, it’s on the 1st floor and walk straight to the back of the building. You can’t miss the pink neon sign!

This is my futile attempt at a “before” shot. As you can see (or maybe not see)…my lashes are literally like AWNINGS. Straight down, baby! I’ve tried it all: curlers, hot curlers, curling mascara. They have a “fanning” effect for about 5 minutes, and then they just start drooping down to their original state.
Waiting anxiously for my turn…(Elaine went first).

Cindy applies this sticky tube to my upper lash line and then sticks each individual lash to the sticky tube.
Then Cindy applies this Perming Solution on the stuck-on lashes.
Just making sure each lash is perfectly stuck and applied.
 The cotton under the eyes is wet with Water, but it’s just to make sure there’s no irritation from the solution. Cindy puts a little saran wrap on top of the eyes, then you take a nice 30 minute nap!
After 30 minutes is up, Cindy comes back and carefully removes the tube, wipes off the solution, then applies some soothing anti-irritant lotion the eyes.
   Again, this is my futile attempt at showing the “after” lashes.
2 happy customers! (me and my girl Elaine Wu!) 
Cindy, the Eyelash Perming Magician!! 
   You can see them better today, with some Mascara!
The Eyelash Perm usually lasts for 1-2 month, and it’s only a whopping $20!! Totally worth the money, I think. I also use the Talika Lipocils to keep my lashes conditioned whenever I get this procedure done. Here’s the info:
Li Salon Elizabeth Centre, 13-17 Elizabeth Street, Store 110-113, New York, NY 1001; 212.226.6183
Call ahead and ask if Cindy is in for the day!

3 thoughts on “Adventures in EYELASH PERMING!

  1. is this legal? I know state requirements vary but I would think this would be one of those services considered unsafe. of course until someone goes blind… no one knows.

  2. dear seouldiva,
    hi i’ve been interested in getting an eyelash perm recently. i found your blog posting to be highly informative! i had some questions for you.
    1) do you need to make an appointment at the salon you visited?
    2) after a month or two, did eyelashes start falling out around the same time or at different times? did your eye look weird with some curly and straight eyelashes?
    3) how often do you get the procedure done??
    thanks so much!!!

  3. Hi Ana! Thanks so much for reading the blog!! I write it because I love beauty stuff, so I’m so thrilled you find it informative! I’m not an official eyelash perming expert, but I hope I can help answer your questions:
    1) It’s better to call ahead to the salon – sometimes the lady is there, and sometimes she isn’t. So I would call ahead to make sure you don’t make the trip down there for nothing.
    2) Maybe it’s because my eyelashes are very thick (I have the Thick Asian lashes!), but I didn’t experience much fallout after I got them permed. But, I also keep my lashes very conditioned – I use Talika every night when I have them permed: it’s a botanical gel, 100% natural, that helps your lashes grow and keeps them conditioned.
    3) If I wasn’t being so lazy, I would get the procedure done every 2-3 months. But truthfully, my schedule only lets me go about once or twice a year!! :)
    Good luck!!

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