FOTD: Too goth for summer, but right-on for fall!

OK, so working at a makeup company, you’re never mentally in the season you’re actually in.  When it’s Winter, you’re thinking about Spring/Summer.  And when it’s Summer, you’re thinking about Fall.
Last night, I was flipping through images of the runway beauty trends from FW09.  I worked backstage at Doo.Ri’s show, where Tom Pecheux created this GORGEOUS grey mouth with the MAC PRO Lipmix in Black, lightly tapped into the lip.
I’ve also been reading Afrobella‘s tweets about black lips…combined with the fact that I ran into my fellow MAC-mate Marlo backstage at Broadway Bares a few weeks ago…sporting a very Film Noir-esque black lippee.
All these things inspired me to be dolled up for Fall this morning.  I got up this AM and created my Glam Goth-inspired look for today.

  • SUPER curl the lashes with MAC Lash Curler, and LOADS of Plushlash


  • Then I contoured the cheeks.  I’m still a Contouring Virgin, but luckily the MAC PRO Sculpt Powders are very forgiving.  They’re super-finely milled, so I try just to use a whisper of powder where my cheeks cave in a little.
  • On the apples, I swirled a mixture of Mineralize Skinfinish in Shimpagne and Petticoat.  Originally, I started out with JUST Shimpagne, but I felt like I needed a breath of color on my cheeks, so the Petticoat was JUST enough without being too much!


  • For the Lip:  I didn’t have a DARK DARK lippee in my house.  So I had to get a little creative.  I brushed on MAC PRO Lipmix in Crimson with my handy retractable #318 Brush.
  • Then I took my MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder, and lifted some product off the tip with my Lip Brush, and applied it over my lips.  The result was a blackened, berry.

IMG_0732 (VERY badly drawn, oops!)
Here’s the final look!  :)
I got a few questionable stares on the subway this morning, but once in the office, no one even looked twice!  Gotta love working at MAC!  :)

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2 thoughts on “FOTD: Too goth for summer, but right-on for fall!

  1. […] response — OMG, I love it! Where can I get it? I even wound up inspiring my homegirl Heather Park, who twerked the look with MAC eyeliner. SO inventive, I love […]

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